When Police Officers Break the Law, We Want To Know About It

If you suffered serious injury or a loved one died as a result of police misconduct, or if your civil rights were violated by any government agent, the team at the Law Offices of Gene J. Goldsman in Santa Ana wants to know about it.

We stand up and fight against violations of civil rights, including:

  • Racial discrimination and police abuse of racial profiling
  • Failure to provide adequate medical care in prison or jail
  • Excessive use of force and police brutality
  • Negligence leading to injury or wrongful death while in custody

These are not like typical personal injury cases. Civil rights claims are usually filed in federal court. In order to stand up for your rights and fight for justice, your lawyer will need to be thoroughly experienced in the federal court system.

At the Law Offices of Gene J. Goldsman, we have a tradition of standing up for citizens whose civil rights have been violated. Our firm has a 30 year history of producing real results for injured clients and we have successfully handled civil rights cases.

We have access to experts who are willing to stand up against police misconduct and other civil rights violations. Our attorneys have the federal court experience to fight for justice in these cases. We will work to get you the financial compensation you deserve and to hold government employees accountable for their misconduct, violence or other wrongful acts.

When you need strength and experience on your side, contact the Law Offices of Gene J. Goldsman in Santa Ana, California. Your initial consultation will be free. All civil rights, personal injury and wrongful death cases are handled on a contingency fee basis. You will owe no attorney’s fees unless we obtain compensation for you.